RelaxSing Mallorca is a modular, flexible festival that allows each participant to make a personal choice of musical and tourist programmes as well as free time.

All participants should come to Mallorca at least for the core dates of the festival (arrival March 26th, departure March 30th). It is possible to book additional dates before (Pre-extension) or after (Post-extension). During the core dates choirs as well as individual singers have the possibility to join a 3-day Atelier (March 27th to 29th), or 3 different Morning Discovery Ateliers (on March 27th, March 28th and March 29th).

Complete choirs can sing in Friendship Concerts and/or in church services. In addition all choirs can present themselves during the Friendship Singing in the Concert Cave, combined with a three-course meal and Open Singing. Everybody can listen to a choice of concerts, join some Open Singing spots and discover Palma de Mallorca during a common excursion. Additional excursions can be booked individually.

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