1. Welcome Concert – C 1

All participants are invited to a “Welcome Concert” on Thursday, the first evening when everybody will have arrived.

2. Rehearsals of Own Choir

In order to prepare their performances, choirs can ask for rehearsal rooms and time

3. Friendship Concerts FC 1 – FC 3, etc.

Choirs can perform in “Friendship concerts” where at least 2 choirs from ideally 2 different countries, including in some concerts local choirs from Mallorca, will perform

4. Church Service

Palma Cathedral – CS 1

All participants are invited to attend the Church Service on Saturday evening in the famous cathedral of Palma and perform songs from the discovery atelier D 2 – Cant de la Sibil·la.

Your Choirs Own Church Service – CS 2

Furthermore, choirs can ask to perform in catholic churches during the services on Sunday morning.

5. Concert Cave – C 2

All choirs can sing 1 or 2 songs during the “Friendship Singing” in the Concert Cave on Saturday. Additionally, all participants will join their voices for common “Open Singing”

6. Ateliers – A & D

3 Day Atelier – A

An atelier package with 3 morning rehearsals and a final concert C 3 can be booked.
Theme: Baroque Pearls, conductor: Josep Cabré (FR/Cat-ES)

Discovery ateliers, D1 – D3

Additionally, discovery ateliers are available which are connected to the corresponding excursion. One discovery atelier (D1) has the theme ‘Music by Chopin’. In addition participants can book the half-day excursion (E2) in the afternoon to Valdemossa, where Chopin spent some time.
At another discovery atelier (D2), the ‘Cant de la Sibil·la’ will be studied and performed in the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, which all participants will visit in the afternoon, after a common excursion to Palma.
The discovery atelier D3 presents some Folk Songs from Mallorca.

7. Open Singing

Choirs also have the opportunity to perform spontaneously during tours and excursions at public locations. Open-singing / songbook with songs from Mallorca and Menorca & international repertoire. The discovery atelier D3 presents some Folk Songs from Mallorca.

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